Amaircare HEPA Easy Twist Cartridge 16 Inch, Single Review

Amaircare HEPA Easy Twist Cartridge 16 Inch, Single

16 Inch HEPA Cartridge for Amaircare 3000 Made After 2015 and Other Units 16 Inch Easy Twist HEPA Filter Cartridge 90-A-16ME-ET for Amaircare 3000, 3050, 4000, 4050 and 4000V, 5000V HEPA Air Purifiers. No air purifier is included: this is the 16 Inch HEPA cartridge. Also fits Air Whisper 350 and 675 units. Note: Must use only in units made after 2015. Use two units in Amaircare 7500 units . Easy twist has a solid lid (no hole in the middle) with a sign that says twist and turn. 100 square feet of HEPA filtration material. Captures smallest particulates. Replace in 2-5 years, more often if in dusty environment. If not significant airflow reductions occur. Always replace a HEPA air filter if an air purifier is turned off for more than 3 to 5 days. HEPA is a medium in which bacteria, viruses, etc. can grow if moisture collects in the filter media. Constant air flow keeps the HEPA filter media dry and free of such contaminants. Note: Filters not returnable unless deemed defective by manufacturer. Please be sure to order the correct size and type for your Amaircare unit.