EnviroSept 18x24x1 Furnace Filter Panel,14 Filter Pads Review

EnviroSept 18x24x1 Furnace Filter Panel,14 Filter Pads

Patented Envirosept Electronic Air Cleaner: Air Filter Panel and 14 Air Filter Collector Pads. This Size Envirosept Whole House Air Cleaner Replaces Standard 18 Inch by 24 Inch Filter that Fits a One Inch Filter Slot. Actual filter size is 17.5 in. x 23.5 in. The EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Panel Furnace Filter Air Cleaner is the ideal replacement filter for residential or business forced air heating and cooling systems using one inch thick furnace filters. This highly efficient, non-ionizing, non-ozone producing,electronically enhanced air filter system utilizes the concept of DIELECTRIC POLARIZATION to effectively remove sub-micron particles down to 0.001 micron in size. The EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner delivers a strong but harmless (7,000 volt) positive DC charge from its proprietary solid state power head to a central grid. The strong electrostatic charge causes each fiber in the disposible PolyWool pads to be “polarized”. As a result, airborne particles are drawntowards the fiber pads in the same way polarized magnets are drawn together. Instead of just filtering or “straining” out particles, the EnviroSept’s polarized collector pads attract and trap airborne contaminants, i.e. smoke, dust, etc . The attraction is powerful due to tens of thousands of charged fiber strands in each pad. This makes the efficiency of the EnviroSept superior to other air filtering or air purifier methods. No better furnace filter/air cleaner investment on the market than the EnviroSept Whole House Panel Electronic Air Cleaner. An effective, economical air cleaning system for homes or business with forced air heating and cooling systems. NOTE: Enhance EnviroSept’s operation by having dirty air ducts cleaned. Air duct cleaning removes construction dust and debris which EnviroSept cannot remove. This debris can be a media in which allergy and asthma triggers such as bacteria, dust mites, etc. grow. State-of-the-art technology means EnviroSept air purif