Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer Review

Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer

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  • The Twin Air Pro 2018 model more than doubles in strength compared to our “Twin Air” emitting trillions of ions per second but measuring well over 200 million ions per centimeter 12 inches from it. Ozone is undetectable at 10 inches and the ionizer runs silently on less than 22 Watt. No Positive Ions are produced.
  • It is incredibly strong and if you have never owned an ionizer I would not recommend starting with this one. Please ensure you read the instructions that come with it prior to using it. Having at least 10 inches of space to the sides, back and top of the unit is very important.
  • Sensitive people might find that the very high negative ions count causes light-headedness in the first few days. This is caused by the increased oxygen intake and is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Shipped via FedEx Priority which takes only 2 – 4 business days to arrive once shipped.
  • Improved quality control and new sturdier packaging ensures a NaturAir Ionizer will arrive in perfect condition and last for years. We also offer a 1 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY to protect our customers in the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown.

Negative ions are a wonderful addition to any home but should not be seen as something that will overnight heal all health problems. Instead, they should be seen a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that will bring about many health improvements over time. For some, the improvements can be seen quickly but for others it can be months before you notice the changes. One thing we can guarantee is that negative ions will improve air quality and will aid your body to function better.

NaturAir ionizers are some of the strongest yet safest (No detectable ozone) negative ion generators on the market with years of research and continual development ensuring they emit over 200 million ions as measured 12 Inches away. Add to this our extremely low Ozone output of less than 0.015ppm and absolutely no positive ions being emitted and you are left with a product superior to pretty much everything else on the market.

Air is purified by the use of negative ions. There are no filters to replace and no additional running costs to worry about.

All units are quality tested prior to shipping and packaged in our new double sleeved packaging.


NB. The ionizer should not be touched while operational. The two emission towers become electrically charged as a byproduct of the very high release of negative ions. It’s part of the normal function.

Our ability to feel the Ionic wind created by ion movement will change with humidity levels. Very humid days will have a very strong ionic wind from our ionizers (4-10 Inches) but low humidity will cause the ion wind to be very faint (1 inch).

This ionizer requires at least 10 inches of space to the sides, back and top with the front facing open air.

The “power light” has been removed from current models, it does not light up when the ionizer is running. It is done so by design and not a fault or malfunction.